1st ACM Workshop on Technologies, mOdels, and Protocols for Cooperative Connected Cars (TOP-Cars)

Our aim is to bring together researchers working on diverse aspects of ICT solutions for the design and operation of connected cars. The topic is becoming of increasing timeliness thanks to several factors. First of all, the interest of all involved stakeholders (automotive industry, government agencies, municipalities...) in ensuring the safety of vehicle drivers and passengers, as well as of vulnerable users (pedestrians, bikers...). Secondly, the ever larger number of sensors with which vehicles and cities are equipped, which generate huge amounts of data on the vehicles themselves, the people's driving style and habits, and the level of risk of the different sections of the road layout. And finally, the standardization activity that puts forward novel and powerful technologies to make cars able to connect to each other, to vulnerable users, as well as to the communication and road infrastructure.

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